Q: I’m doing research on Rafael Soriano. Does the Foundation have an archive that I can use?

A: The Foundation does maintain an archive that curators and scholars can consult. Please contact the Foundation for more information.

Q: I’d like to reproduce work by Rafael Soriano as illustrations in a book or article that I’m writing. Can you tell me how I can get permission to do this?

A: The Rafael Soriano Foundation holds the copyright to all Rafael Soriano artworks, regardless of who owns the specific works of art. Anyone wishing to reproduce Rafael Soriano’s work must obtain permission from the Foundation.

Q: I own art work by Rafael Soriano. Can you tell me how much it is worth? What are the current selling prices of Rafael Soriano’s art works?

A:The Rafael Soriano Foundation does not appraise Rafael Soriano’s artwork.

Q: Do you have a Curriculum Vitae of Rafael Soriano’s career?

A: Yes, and you can view it here ==> Rafael Soriano’s CV.